Good Morning Everyone,

The elders have been discussing the impact of Coronaviras on our church and how we should respond.  Based on all available information, we’ve decided to cancel our Sunday morning services for two weeks.  Our foremost concern is to protect our members, our staff, and those in our community from being exposed to, or contracting, COVID-19.  We have been instructed by our Lord to, above all, show love and compassion to those around us.  We feel this is the appropriate measure of caution at this time.

Concurrently, the Governor of Indiana and the President of the United States have asked organizations across the country, including churches, to cancel public gatherings.  We feel that this request in no way contradicts, but is in fact in alignment with our goal to show care and concern for our neighbor.

You may not know that the elders meet every Wednesday morning over breakfast to discuss matters of the church and to pray for our body.  We will continue this practice, virtually if necessary, and will provide updates regarding Coronavirus weekly.  If, after two weeks, we believe that more services will be canceled, we will discuss a plan for live-streaming options for worship and teaching.  Please allow us time to put plans together for such options, as we do not currently have this in place.

If anyone needs anything, please let us know.  Whether you have become sick and need prayer or physical aid, or perhaps you feel that you are in a high-risk category and need some groceries delivered, we desire to serve one another in this way.  Please reach out to an elder or deacon if this is the case, and we will gladly coordinate this assistance.

Lastly, please be praying for one another during this time. Pray that our body, our neighbors, and all those across the globe will be protected, and more importantly, will come to know the love of Jesus Christ.

In Him,
The elders of GFC

Worship Services Cancelled Until March 29, 2020