Grace Fellowship Church is a non-denominational church that emphasizes the teaching of the New Testament truth that the grace of God has been revealed in Jesus Christ and is expressed through the fellowship of the people of God.

Use this website to learn all about us.  Or contact us if you want more information. Or why not just stop by on a Sunday morning at 9:30.  We’d love to meet you!

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  • Fall Barn Bash Sunday Oct. 2nd 4-7pm
    What: Barn BashWhen: Sunday Oct 2nd from 4-7 pmWhere: Kennedy Estate 525 N. State St Lizton, In 46149  We’ll be eating @ 5:00. Meat and drinks will be provided. Please bring your favorite side dish. Looking forward to seeing you all! 
  • God, You Meet Us in the Waves
    I cannot imagine anything more terrifying than being lost at sea in the midst of a storm, riding monstrous waves with no land in sight.  So many of my literal fears come together in this scene that it makes me uncomfortable to think of it – drowning, sharks, disorientation, endless watery depths, the fact that
  • Our Lament
    This week, I don’t have a blog post in me to write. I don’t have creative thoughts or ideas of how to tackle doctrines or struggles in our lives. I’ve been processing the myriad of burdens that have been hitting us, as a church, and other circles that I’m a part of, and I don’t
  • The Comfort of God’s Inexhaustible Presence
    During our service the Sunday before last, some of us spent time reflecting on how God is present in all the details of life.  We experience incredible ‘highs’ in our lives where we can’t contain our enthusiasm, just to wake up the next day and hit rock-bottom, reeling from some of what life in this
  • The Mad Hatterpillar in Each of Us
    Sometimes, I find myself unable to prepare for all the absurdities that we find in the animal kingdom.  God, in all His creative power, orchestrated some incredibly strange behaviors that keep me endlessly entertained. One of these more recent discoveries that I have come across involves the caterpillar of the Uraba lugens moth that can