Grace Fellowship Church is a non-denominational church that emphasizes the teaching of the New Testament truth that the grace of God has been revealed in Jesus Christ and is expressed through the fellowship of the people of God.

Use this website to learn all about us.  Or contact us if you want more information. Or why not just stop by on a Sunday morning at 9:30.  We’d love to meet you!

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  • When Satan Pounces for Lack of Precautions
    Decades ago, a very difficult lesson was learned.  In late September 1982, not too terribly far from our central Indiana community, there was loss of innocent life that changed the course of an entire industry.   If you were around in those days, you may remember the Chicago Tylenol murders.  The name gives away obvious
  • Social Issues, Balut, & God’s Desire for Introspection
    My wife and I are huge fans of Survivor.  If there are any other fans out there, they will remember the occasional episode that showcases a certain delicacy by the name of balut.  In these episodes, the contestants are asked to compete in a challenge to eat certain items for the chance to win immunity
  • When I Felt the Pain of My Brokenness: Why I Call Myself a Christian
    I never thought much of my testimony because it was my norm.  People tend to share bits and pieces of their history with folks, but it rarely goes beyond surface level, but I believe in the power of transparency and vulnerability.  I believe that God does great things when people show themselves for who they
  • Has the Gospel Been Exchanged for a Fraud?
    There are some great stories out of Hollywood that involve counterfeits or fraudulent items.  The original items are typically incredibly valuable and there is a lot at stake when they are exchanged for the stand-in.  I recently came across the story of the Stone of Scone (you read that correctly).  Have you heard of it? 
  • Abortion, Eugenics, and God’s Indiscriminate Love
    Defending the powerless and ministering to the perpetrators can be a very difficult task that seems mutually exclusive, and yet it is what we are called to do as Christians, following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. So what does this look like?  A great opinion article was written for USA Today where Mary Rose