Grace Fellowship Church is a non-denominational church that emphasizes the teaching of the New Testament truth that the grace of God has been revealed in Jesus Christ and is expressed through the fellowship of the people of God.

Use this website to learn all about us.  Or contact us if you want more information. Or why not just stop by on a Sunday morning at 9:30.  We’d love to meet you!

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  • Why I’d Rather Be the Earth than the Moon
    Have you ever wondered why the earth doesn’t have as many craters as the moon? Not long ago, I found my gaze locked onto the massive full moon in the darkness of the night sky and I couldn’t believe the detail I could see in the moon’s deep craters that were contrasted with its pale
  • For Each of Us, A Fair-Share of Birth Pains
    Do you want to know something I’m confident of while having no personal experience of? Birth pains hurt. Do you want to know how I know that? Because a person would have to be out of their minds, quite literally, to have ever even heard whispers of what child-birth entails and not have deep respect
  • Confronted By My Own Hypocrisy
    In my study today, I came across Mark 12:1-17 and I was convicted. In this section of Scripture, we see Jesus in conversation with religious and civic leaders of the Jewish people. Those who are familiar with Jesus’s story know that there is a consistent effort on their part to catch Jesus in some kind
  • The Apostle Peter and Me: Our Struggles with Control
    Has there ever been a situation you’ve found yourself in where you are trying to keep control and you realize that simply is not an option? I remember a time in the distant past (relatively speaking) when I was a junior on a high school trip to Hollywood. I was in the drumline in our
  • A Woman’s Ministry
    Have you imagined the ways that your faith might be different without the impact of women along the way?  I’ve had many thoughts along these lines recently.  It’s true that I owe a lot of my formal training to male authors, professors, and pastors.  However, much of what has been taught to me in informal