IN HOPE AGAINST HOPE  Romans 4:13-25


Abraham’s Fatherhood (13-17)
• Based not on the Law but on faith
– Law cancels out faith and the promise

– Law brings wrath and violation

– Faith based on grace to guarantee the promise

• Based on a name change

• Based on the God of resurrection and creation

Abraham’s Faith (18-22)
• Against hope considering the circumstances

• In hope considering the person and power of God

Our Faith (23-25)
• In the God of resurrection

• In the work of Jesus

• Spend time this week focusing on the truth that our God is the God of resurrection and creation “who gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist.”
• Write out one application of what difference that makes in your life concerning your circumstances of life right now.

Outline and Application from March 22 Message on Romans 4:13-25