Hey everyone! We’re planning for our second Family Fun Friday and it’s going to be such a blast! But I know what you’re thinking – “I sure hope those young kids have a good time, but I don’t have any family young enough to go to this event. I guess I’ll wait for the next ‘adult’ event on the calendar…” Absolutely not! We want you here! To raise kids in the church and to retain them throughout their early adulthood is to get them in relationship with non-family members of all kinds. So we really hope that you all can make it to June’s “Sidewalk Chalk Extravaganza” where we will be creating beautiful artwork on the sidewalks near the playground and enjoying snacks. There will be plenty of shade for anyone who would like to bring some yard chairs and get some incredible fellowship. I know your recliner chair is calling your name, but let’s enjoy our adult friendships and these kids while they’re young! They’re going to grown up before we know it!

We’ll see you on June 7th from 6-8pm!

June’s Family Fun Friday!

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