In my recent attempts to destigmatize mental health, I have come across many in different circles that have been living in fear or shame due to their internal struggles.  I’ve found others who have harbored the baggage of anger because their cries for help have been silenced.  Perhaps the greatest number of folks who I have been able to speak with, though, have been numbed by misinformation about how to seek God in the area of mental health and have lost the hope that there can be healing in the areas that they struggle. 

That is why it has become so important to enter into the difficult, but beneficial, conversations that place Christ on the forefront of even the most difficult of life’s issues.  One source that I have found and have had come alongside me in my journey to think well and biblically about these topics has been my friends at Gravity Leadership.  They are one part of the equation in which God has brought great growth in my personal journey over the last year as well.

Gravity Leadership - Life and leadership rooted in the love of Christ

I find that I cannot summarize some very important points in this area as well as Gravity Leadership can, and so as a final effort and installment to destigmatize mental health, I request that you take a quick opportunity to read their article below.  If you have questions, concerns, or especially if you have been feeling to strain of mental health concerns in your life, please reach out to me or to their team.  There are great opportunities for transformational growth, guided by the Scriptures and through the power of the Holy Spirit, in the area of mental health for which I have personally seen so much hope.

Love you all,

Young Adult Minister – Evan McNeff

Gravity Leadership & Destigmatizing Mental Health: Part Four

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