This week, I thought we might try something different for the blog.  Rather than putting together thoughts on some topic from a biblical/ministry perspective, I thought that I might provide some resources that might accompany the sermon from this past Sunday. 

The sermon was entitled “Where the Gospel Meets Disability” (can be found at the following link – and it took a closer look at John 9:1-5 and the healing of the blind man.  We discussed an improper theology of disability that was displayed by the disciples and was very common in ancient cultures.  We also looked at Jesus’s view – the proper theology of disability.  In addition, we sought answers as to how to interpret Jesus’s instruction that miracles like He engaged in were meant to be done “as long as it is day”.  This impacts our understanding of how the Church today takes part in the work that Christ did during the days He walked the earth.

However, there is, obviously, a vast number of questions that can still be asked and even more answers that can be explored in the area of disability theology.  This week, I thought I might provide some links below which will send you to other resources that engage this topic.  Because of the particular interest that our church has in this area, please consider spending some time looking through them and enjoying the voices of those who have learned first-hand how God builds up the Church through disability.

Each of the green titles are clickable and will relocate you to the resource in question upon clicking the link:

A Theology of Disability

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