Alright men, it’s that time of year again – Men’s Retreat Sign-Ups! If you click on the link below, it will send you to the registration page –

It is self-explanatory and quick, but if you need more information, follow the prompts we’ll leave below:

  1. Log in. This may ask you to enter your phone number and then the verification number that is sent to your phone, but that is for security purposes. Do so in order to get to the next step.
  2. Notice on the first page the “Attendee Types” which show the duration of your stay in the camp, from all weekend including Friday night dinner down to Saturday only (with meals) with no overnight stay, as well as the costs involved
  3. Click ‘Register. Select yourself from the list of participants in your household and any others that would accompany you.
  4. Click the “Attendee Type” in the drop down menu and click “Next: Details”.
  5. Ensure the details you want in your personal information is correct and click “Next: Review & pay”
  6. Enter the discount code, if you have one for a scholarship, enter your payment method, and select the “Total due”. Then click “Complete registration”.
  7. If you wish, collect your receipt from the email address that you provided.

2021 Men’s Retreat Registration

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